By Jim Schliebs.
Taken on Philosopher’s Falls walk in Tasmania’s Tarkine wilderness.


Cascade, by Jim Schliebs

Canon 700D; EFS 15-85mm lens; f/5.6 @ 5s; ISO 100

Don’s response

There is something inherently primordial about mossy tree trunks like these three fine specimens.

Maybe it’s the layering of one form of life on another and all that that implies about the timeless processes of symbiosis and regeneration, I’m not quite sure. But, what I can say is that I like the dripping, cool atmosphere of the scene and the way photographer Jim Schliebs conveys a sense of depth by using the side lighting to cause the foreground to pop out vividly as a distinct layer.

The tree trunks with their abundance of fine detail invite the eye into the scene and I particularly enjoy the way the rightmost leans somewhat dramatically into the picture.

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