By Phillip Marsh.

Camel rock rear view

By Phillip Marsh

Don’s response

As with most other forms of photography, the difference between an interesting seascape and a pedestrian one often comes down to timing.

As he looked through his viewfinder, photographer Phillip Marsh would have seen that wave approaching from the left and splashing up against the most seaward rocks first. But instead of grabbing that first instance, he waited for a second or two and captured this well-structured moment.

Thanks to the white water behind the broken wave, we have a sense of a still-unfolding story. Had he instead caught the wave as it first splashed up on the outer rocks, it might well have been a more static image; more of a bang than a whoosh.

I think the landscape aspect ratio is a reasonable choice, but when I imagine it in a square crop, my hunch is that it might be just a little bit more visually concise.

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