By Mark Ditcham. Near Port Hedland in Western Australia…

Burnt out tree

By Mark Ditcham

Fuji X-T10; 18-55mm lens

Near Port Hedland in Western Australia, I saw this tree from the road while driving by. I turned around and drove over the burnt terrain to get to it.

First attempt wasn’t successful due to poor light as the setting sun was covered by cloud. I went back again the next day at sunset and managed to capture this shot in the last rays of light.

Don’s response

Mark Ditcham’s old-school determination to get the best photograph he could of this plucky little tree standing alone in a bleak and otherwise empty landscape has been amply rewarded.

The warm late afternoon light gives the foliage a subtle glow and to my eye a pleasant, soft quality.

The vignetting of the sky, reminiscent of an older photographic era, helps to frame the subject and further enhances the end of day mood.

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