By Leon Chistiakoff.
This photo was taken at Mt Glorious just outside of Brisbane. We took the short walk and ended up covered in leeches but came across this lonely bridge which seems to lead nowhere.


Bridge to nowhere, by Leon Chistiakoff

Sony a35; Tamron 10-24mm lens; ISO100; 12mm; f/4.5; 1/20s

Don’s response

Braving the leaches of Mt Glorious rewarded photographer Leon Chistiakoff with this pleasant nature study. The things we photographers endure for our art.

While I think the picture certainly gives us a sense of the lush setting, the bridge itself is just a little too overwhelmed by visual complexity of the surrounding vegetation.

The left hand two-thirds of the picture is to my mind the most interesting part of the composition, so it would be interesting to see how the balance changed if the camera was another metre or so closer to the bridge.

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