By Anders Wotzke. O’Sullivan Beach, South Australia.
Living in Adelaide, one of the few things we have over the east coasters are the beautiful beach sunsets! For this photo, taken on a particularly brisk July evening, I found my subject in a solitary fisherman casting off from the rocky breakwater at O’Sullivan Beach, hoping to snag one final catch in the dying light and encroaching surf. After taking almost a hundred exposures, I felt this particular shot – oversaturated and silhouetted in post – captured this small showdown between man and nature at its most dramatic.


Braving the Break.  By Anders Wotzke

Sony A7 II; Sony G 70-200mm @ 110mm; f/11; 1/320s; ISO 50; tripod

Don’s response

An excellent example of making your own luck, Anders Wotzke’s sunset picture is raised above the ordinary by the combination of the basic composition, a fortuitous flock of birds and a well-timed splash.

By shooting nearly 100 frames of this scene, he maximised his chances of getting all the variables to line up satisfactorily.

That’s why I often say to beginning photographers ‘take more than one shot, that way you’ll always be able to choose the best one’.  


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