Amazing morning: mist off the sea at dawn (well a little after) enabling me to shoot directly into the sun. No touching up afterwards – or maybe I should have done.


Bra Morning by Blane Coulcher
Olympus EP3; 14-150mmm zoom at 150mm (300mm equiv); f/4; 1/1250s

Don’s response
Sea mists are not terribly common in Sydney so, apart from anything else, Blane Coulcher’s picture of one such rare event at Maroubra is a concrete example of why it’s good to have your camera with you all the time.

The light brown atmosphere is quite unlike any sea fog I’ve ever seen, indeed you could easily be persuaded that it was a sandstorm – or worse.

Compositionally I think the image is generally strong. The figures and their rods left provide a kind of subtle tension to this mysterious, even oppressive scene. I say oppressive mainly because the sun is such a dominant element. It looks like a huge, hole in the sky and I found myself wanting to hold my hand up to shield my eyes.

A strangely compelling photograph.


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