By Leon Chistiakoff.
This photo was taken outside of the Treasury Casino in Brisbane. I liked the mix of the old competing with the new.


Bowled over, by Leon Chistiakoff

Sony a35; Tamron 10-24mm @ 11mm; f/11; 1/400s; ISO 100

Don’s response

Leon Chistiakoff’s ‘Bowled over’ plays around with scale in an interesting way.  The spherical object in the foreground could, at first glance, be small enough to hold in your hand and the buildings in the background could easily just be models.

Forced perspective pictures such as this one work best when they make the viewer puzzle out the true scale relationships of a scene. In the absence of something obvious (a person for instance) most viewers won’t ‘decode’ the picture until they notice the cars next to the building. Then it all snaps into place.

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