By Gordon Gullock.
Jet boat Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, New Zealand.


Boat Wake
By Gordon Gullock

Canon 60D; 200mm f/4 L IS USM lens; f/5.6; 1/200s; ISO 100

Jet boat Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, New Zealand.


Don’s response

A fine example of the art of photographic simplicity, Gordon Gullock’s image is at once dynamic and serene. The languid curve of the wake leads the viewer’s eye to what is obviously a very fast-moving boat which seems to have just executed a sharp course change.

While I think this would be a good picture with just those elements, what makes it sing for me are the waves of another wake spreading into the frame from the left. The combination of elements is visually interesting in part because it helps to create a little story about the boat coming in from the right, encountering the waves and then swerving to run up the trough between successive swell lines instead of banging across them.

Well composed and better, well observed.

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