By Gordon Gullock.
Ostrich at Mogo Zoo, Mogo NSW.


Bad Hair Day
By Gordon Gullock

Sony NEX-6; 55-210mm lens; f/6.3; 1/400s; ISO 200

Ostrich at Mogo Zoo, Mogo NSW.

Don’s response

Odds are that this particular emu has had his or her picture taken hundreds of times by visitors to the Mogo Zoo. But I’ll bet very few of them come up to the standard of Gordon’s image.

The perfectly judged depth of field gives us a portrait that is tack-sharp from front to back. Capturing the subject as it is looking just off axis not only ensures its features fit into the shallow zone of focus but also add a touch of dynamism.

The smooth, but nevertheless intriguing bokeh helps the subject really “pop” out of the background too.


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