By Jocelyn Manning. Taken at Walyunga National Park, in Western Australia, with an ND400 filter, to provide a long exposure on the flowing river.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III; 175mm; f/4.5; 4s; ISO 200

Don’s response
Without her ND400, photographer Joceyln Manning would probably need to have waited until just on dark to make this picture at the selected aperture.

The main issue I have with the composition is the too shallow depth-of-field that is the unavoidable consequence of the wide aperture and the 175mm focal length.

I think the simplest expedient would have been to angle the camera slightly to the right to avoid capturing that annoyingly out of focus rock in the left foreground. She could then have placed her focus point such that the nearest line of rocks middle right was at the leading edge of the zone in focus and then by stopping down to perhaps f/8, she could have bumped up the apparent sharpness of the background.


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