By Russell Curr. Taken at Hverir geo thermal area as a significant storm approached; the roaring steam vent seemed to be heralding the storm.


Canon EOS 5D III; 24-105mm

Don’s response

Sometimes you get lucky and the weather and landscape come together in truly spectacular fashion as they did on this occasion for photographer Russell Curr.

Of course to capture the fleeting drama of a scene like this, you need to combine an instinctive feeling for composition with an unerring command of your equipment.  Extraordinary conditions such as these may come together for only a minute or two – if that.

Given the sulphurous looking foreground and the rapidly changing light, it may not have been practical for Russell to have approached any more closely, but I wonder nevertheless what sort of picture he might have created from somewhere closer to the nearest fumarole.

A fine, brooding image that should be well suited to a large format presentation.

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