By Gavin Kellett.

Another Place

By Gavin Kellett

Canon 5D Mark lll; Tamron SP 24-70 f/2.8 lens; 70mm; 1/160s; f/8.0; ISO 250

‘Another Place’ is located on Crosby Beach near Liverpool, UK. The artist Anthony Gormley has installed 100 cast iron figures facing toward the ocean, and when the tide goes in and out the figures appear and disappear. It is a wonderful, futuristic scene, especially with the wind farm just offshore.

Don’s response

Gavin Kellett’s picture of this unconventional sculpture installation has an unassuming quality that despite the lack of drama, draws us into the scene.

The silhouettes are instantly recognisable but the incongruity of their setting can’t help but provoke our curiosity as we try to unpack artist Anthony Gormley’s visual statement.

This subject might make an interesting series if revisited at different points in the tide cycle, different weather and different times of day.

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