This image was taken at Orrorol Campground in the Namadgi National Park south of the ACT. My eyes were attracted by the moss covered rocks, the bark on the trees and the road disappearing into the early morning fog.


A Foggy Morning by Terry Everson
Nikon D5000; Tamron 18-270mm at 18mm; f/3.5, 1/30s; ISO 200

Don’s response
Foggy landscapes can be a delight photographically. Distant trees disolving into the mist and the quiet, soft light on the foreground often makes for beautifully subtle colour transitions in rocks and nearby foliage.

Terry Everson’s shot captures the still quality of a foggy morning. Positioning the lichen and moss covered boulders in the foreground was a good idea, however it could have been improved had the hyperfocal point been on the slightly conical rock in the centre of the composition. In landscape photography we expect the foreground to be tack-sharp. Indeed we’ll even forgive slightly out of focus distant objects so long as we have the tactility of a crisp foreground to anchor us.

Overall the composition is somewhat static. By moving to the right a bit, perhaps cutting out the leftmost foreground tree and decreasing the amount of road on the right, Mr Everson might have been able to create a more intense image. As it is, the eye seems drawn away from the right to left flow of the composition by the road leading off to the right.

I think I’d have moved that distracting little branch out of the foreground too. Ah, the fun and challenges of landscape photography!


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