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9 rating

Eizo's three-step system for matching monitors to print and display colours.Eizo's EasyPIX combines a colour measurement sensor with proprietary software developed to provide owners of the company's monitors with a cost-effective way to create professional-looking photo prints and online images. This software has a wizard-based interface and supports three adjustment modes. In all three modes, it creates a colour profile that can be used by editing and printing software.

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8.5 rating

X-Rite ColorMunki Photo

A versatile device for profiling a wide range of digital imaging equipment.The ColorMunki Photo is the latest in a line of spectrophotometer/colorimeter devices that are designed to calibrate imaging equipment and sell for less than $1000. Unlike most of the ones we've reviewed, it's not restricted to monitor profiling; it can also be used for printer and projector calibration and to measure the quality of the light in a photographer's working area and the hue parameters of just about any col...

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Pantone hueyPRO

Superficially, Pantone's new hueyPRO resembles the original huey that we reviewed last month. The colorimeter itself has the same structure as the original huey, with a bank of eight suckers to hold it on the screen and three apertures to allow light from the monitor to pass through to the measurement cells. The software appears to have been upgraded, with the addition of three 'new colour patches' that were added to 26 on the original device's calibration process 'for precise accuracy'.

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Pantone huey

If you've been put off buying a colorimeter for calibrating your monitor because devices cost too much, Pantone's huey could change your mind. The kit consists of the measurement device itself (which is roughly 100 mm long and about as thick as a marker pen), a desktop cradle, USB extension cable, a pack of two Klear Screen monitor wipes and a 100 x 100 mm 'Micro-Chamois' cloth. A software disk and Quick Start guide are included and it's all packaged in a handsome double box.

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If you're really serious about the quality of the digital prints you make, you need to introduce colour management into your workflow. The tools required are a colorimeter for measuring the colours produced by your monitor and a spectrophotometer (or spectrocolorimeter) for measuring the colours produced by your printer. Together they enable you to make the picture you see on-screen emulate the output of your printer.

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The Eye-One Display 2 is an upgrade to an earlier GretagMacbeth colorimeter and the entry-level device in a complex suite of colour management products for calibrating devices such as monitors, scanners, printers, digital cameras and projectors. (We plan to review the top-of-the-range product in the next issue of Photo Review.) Compatible with both Windows and Macintosh systems, Eye-One Display 2 can be used for profiling most monitors and scanners and comes with an excellent software bundle.

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