Landscape Photography eGuide


"An excellent reference manual for all landscape enthusiasts regardless of their skill levels." (Amazon review)

By Margaret Brown
ISBN 978-0-9775714-8-2
March 2011

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Filled with trusted tips and advice on how to improve your landscape photography.
Sample content
The best time of day for landscape photos
Sky/land ratio
Look for lines

In Landscape Photography Margaret Brown explains how the difference between the millions of average landscape photographs captured every year and something quite special could be as simple as choosing the best time of day, or changing the positioning of the horizon.

Landscape Photography eGuide helps photographers at all levels.

Starting with an overview of the different styles of landscape photography, the book moves on to specifics such as choosing suitable locations and the best (and to-be-avoided!) times of day to press that shutter button. Margaret even tells you how to get good shots in lousy weather!

Superb sample images illuminate the text throughout the book.

The image is the thing, but the tools do count, so Margaret also covers technical matters such as equipment choices and camera settings, plus how to harness technique and equipment in the creation of memorable photos.

There's also a section on how best to shoot and 'stitch together' panoramic compositions.

Unlike many photography guides in digital form, Landscape Photography is only available as an eBook. It has been put together purely with the photographer and eBook reader in mind.

The Author
As the images in Landscape Photography show, Margaret Brown has travelled extensively with camera in hand. She has been writing on photography for more than 30 years, and she has been taking and printing photos since the age of 9. Currently her authoritative camera and lens reviews and technique articles appear in enthusiast photographic magazine and website, Photo Review, and she is author of the popular and extensive Photo Review Pocket Guide series, and the Australian Consumer Association's Choice Guide to Digital Photography.

Reader Reviews for Landscape Photography eGuide
"Well done to Margaret Brown, once again her consummate skills have produced an excellent reference manual for all landscape enthusiasts regardless of their skill levels. Every aspect has her succinct touch, intelligence, experience and extensive knowledge base applied to it..." -> see more
Tim Elliot - Mount Gambier, South Australia
"Everything about this book is great... the tips and links especially :)
Everything is covered from equipment to camera settings to photography style !! All very well written and the photos are terrific... " -> see more

Ebook edition $9.99 Instant Download at Talu Books

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