Digital SLR Pocket Guide 2nd Edition

The quick start guide to professional quality photography.


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The second edition of Photo Review's Digital SLR Pocket Guide has been completely updated to include recent technological advances. Yet it retains the easy-to-read style and straightforward presentation of its predecessor. If you're in the market for a new DSLR camera - or want to take better pictures with your existing camera - this handy guide will provide the resources you need.

Digital SLR Pocket Guide 2nd Edition takes you step-by-step from choosing the right camera and lenses through to understanding the key functions that produce perfectly exposed photos. You will also find advice on printing your best pictures and worthwhile accessories to add to your kit. Written in non-technical language, it provides a practical guide to top-quality digital SLR photography.
1. Choosing a DSLR Camera - A straightforward overview of the types of cameras on the market with advice on choosing the one that suits you best.

2. Larger Sensor, Better Photos - Understand the most critical factors influencing camera performance.

3. Looking at Lenses - Explore picture opportunities in the wonderful world of interchangeable lenses.

4. Focusing and Depth of Field - Discover how to make the most important parts of a scene look sharp in your photos.

5. Exposure Metering - Learn how to adjust exposures to produce perfectly exposed photos.

6. Shooting Modes - Investigate the many shooting modes you can use to ensure properly-exposed pictures on every occasion.

7. ISO and White Balance - Understand two camera functions that can make a real difference to the way your digital photos look.

8. File Formats - Take advantage of the different file formats your camera supports.

9. Live Viewing - Find out about a new feature that makes a DSLR camera as easy to use as a compact digicam.

10. Post-Capture Options - Explore your camera's playback modes.

11. Printing Digital Photos - Realise the potential of your best photos by learning how to print them.

12. Software and Accessories - An overview of bundled software and some of the most useful accessories you can add to a DSLR kit.

Glossary - A guide to frequently used terms
Useful URLS - The following links provide additional information on the topics covered in this Pocket Guide:
Choosing a DSLR Camera : for an overview of things you should look at when buying a digital camera. for information on the relevance of a camera's megapixel count. for advice on buying a digital camera. has useful explanations of digital camera technologies.
Larger Sensor, Better Photos: for general information on image sensors. for information on CMOS sensors and the advantages of 'full-frame' sensors. for more information on the Four Thirds System. for information about Foveon's sensor technology.
Looking at Lenses: for an excellent tutorial on photographic filters. for an animated demonstration of the benefits of image stabilisation and an outline of in-lens stabilisation technology.
Focusing and Depth of Field: for information on focusing and depth of field. for a comprehensive guide to depth of field and related topics. for a general guide to using a DSLR camera.
Exposure Metering: for information on exposure metering. for a useful tutorial on the use of electronic flash.
Shooting Modes: provides useful general information on shutter speeds. provides complementary information on lens apertures. is an online tutorial covering shooting with a DSLR camera.
ISO and White Balance: contains an interesting history of the use of ISO settings from the days of film to digital photography. provides a good overview of white balance.

File Formats: contains several articles on file formats. provides an overview of file formats plus information on image file compression. has information on the 'universal' Digital Negative raw file format and its advantages to photographers. has an easy-to-understand tutorial on bit depth and its relevance to DSLR photography.

Post-Capture Options: outlines the PictBridge direct printing standard. has a 'white paper' on PictBridge as a photo printing solution. links to Picasa, a free image downloading and organisation tool that includes basic image editing and viewing functions.

Printing Digital Photos: links to Photo Review's latest Printing Digital Photos Pocket Guide. provides advice on saving money when printing digital photos. provides an excellent series of guides to digital printing, covering monitor calibration, image editing, colour management and printing. provides tutorials in image editing, product reviews and feature articles and essays on printing and image editing.

Software and Accessories: carries regular reviews of a wide range of accessory products. offers trial downloads of software applications such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and the latest Camera Raw plug-ins for raw file conversion. provides details of Canon's Picture Style settings and the Picture Style Editor. It also has additional Picture Styles that can be downloaded. provides information on the latest Canon Speedlites. outlines Canon's Original Data Security Kit and the cameras it can be used with. contains information about Canon's Wireless File Transmitters.
Author: Margaret Brown
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Size: A5, 80pp, perfect bound
ISBN 978-0-9775714-3-7

Margaret Brown is technical editor of Photo Review magazine and website and has been writing about photography for more than 20 years. Margaret has authored all thirteen of the popular Photo Review Pocket Guide series and the Choice Guide to Digital Photography.

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